We are excited that you are interested in employment opportunities with Fike Corporation. Our approach to business is based on providing quality products at a reasonable price and building strong, effective relationships with customers. The Fike heritage is also grounded on treating employees like family - with respect and expectations to do the right thing, both from an employer's and employee's perspective.

Fike Strives to provide a working environment that encourages our employees to reach their maximum potential, both personally and professionally. To show that we are just as committed to our employees as we are to the quality of our products, we provide competitive pay rates and benefits, and an environment that is productive, innovative and fun.


Fike Corporation, a privately held company, is headquartered in Blue Springs, Missouri. As an international manufacturing company that was founded in 1945, Fike has continually grown and currently delivers products to six of the seven continents of the world – all but Antarctica. Currently, Fike Corporation has over 450 employees locally and 1000 employees internationally. We are excited that you are interested in joining the Fike family!

Fike Corporation provides solutions for life and business safety and offers a complete line of fire, explosion and pressure relief products that protects lives, process machinery, equipment, valuable assets, and facilities all over the world. At Fike, we understand the necessity of minimizing business interruptions and downtime in the manufacturing process, the customer service center, computer room, and other high value facilities, and to protect the lives of those operating them. Fike has designed high quality safety and protection products for a broad range of industries, including chemical, aerospace, food processing, pharmaceutical, data storage rooms, telecommunications, museums, shipbuilding and many more.

Products and services offered by Fike Corporation are typically designed to meet a well defined need, use or purpose. We satisfy our customers’ expectations, and comply with applicable quality standards and industry specifications. Product safety responsibilities and requirements are integrated throughout the companies registered ISO 9000:2000 and AS9100 Quality Management Systems.


We are a dynamic, global manufacturing and services organization that provides engineered solutions for process safety and facilities protection, recognized by our customers as the industry leader consistently meeting or exceeding their requirements and expectations.

Our leadership position is sustained through:

  • Innovation and continuous improvement in all areas of our business
  • Partnerships with our customers, representatives, distributors and suppliers
  • Dedicated, well-trained employees working together in a cooperative environment


These values guide our daily decisions and behaviors and promote achievement of our Vision:

Focus on customers - Build relationships with internal and external customers. Understand their needs. Be honest and timely with our commitments and actions.

Respect each other - Be open minded. Appreciate other points of view. Recognize each others' contributions. Encourage continual individual and organizational development.

Be accountable - Step up to issues with honesty and personal courage. Take responsibility. Lead by example.

Work together - Achieve better results through collaborative efforts and collective wisdom.


Thank you for considering employment with Fike Corporation. The following requirements must be satisfied by all candidates in order to be considered an "applicant" for an open position:

1. Complete an application form and submit electronically or in person.

2. The application must be submitted within the time frame indicated on the job posting.

3. Individuals must meet the minimum qualifications as outlined on the job posting.

4. Resumes submitted without a completed application will not be accepted.

Interested individuals will be asked to fill out a voluntary self-identification form for affirmative action purposes only. This information will be kept separate and apart from the application. These forms can also be submitted electronically, through standard mail delivery or in person.


Fike Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Fike Corporation is committed to providing equal opportunity in all employment activities without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, pregnancy, marital status, or veteran status. 

If Fike Corporation has posted an employment opportunity, and you are a qualified individual with a disability or a disabled veteran that requires a reasonable accommodation to complete the application process, please contact Karen Gingles @ or 816-655-4502.

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