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Software Engineer - C++/Networking

Location: Aliso Viejo, CA
Job Code: 109
# of openings: 1


The BeyondTrust Orange County R&D Group is looking for a team member with strong programming experience in C/C++. The focus will be the development of network security scanning software, with an emphasis on networking knowledge. A strong grasp of network programming and communications protocols is necessary, along with a working knowledge of how vulnerabilities arise in software and the general approaches used to exploit them.  You’ll be working with a team experienced in network security where you’ll have the opportunity to learn, expand and contribute. 


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Make Them Safer: Our customers rely on our products to find vulnerabilities in their environment.  Your daily coding will be working towards that goal, while finding ways to make the process faster, more accurate and more resilient.
  • Gather More Information:  Not only does our product find vulnerabilities, it also performs extensive network discovery.  You’ll work at expanding the breadth of information we collect across multiple target platforms.
  • Stitch Things Together:  A network scanner has many moving parts and interfaces with other products.  Part of your responsibility will be to make sure data is flowing properly between all of these pieces.
  • Support our Customers:  We like our customers to be happy.  You’ll work closely with our technical support team to resolve customer issues as they arise.
  • Be A Team Player: Work with the rest of the development department to improve our product line and our work environment. 


Desired Skills and Experience:


  • Security Knowledge:  Buffer overflows?  SQL Injection?  You know how to avoid them in your own code and how to exploit them in others.  You understand the importance of secure coding practices, and you make sure everyone around you understands as well.
  • Code Knowledge:  You thrive at writing code in C/C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio.  You also know when and how to use C# for a task – and when not to.
  • Networking Knowledge:  You have a solid knowledge of common network protocols.  You can craft your own packets and know how to use Wireshark to analyze them.
  • Prior Knowledge:  You’ve spent 5+ years doing work similar to this - if not in security in networking. 




BeyondTrust (formerly eEye Digital Security) was founded upon a strong hacker culture that believed freedom and creativity were the best approach to build truly industry-changing products.  To this day, that same spirit drives the focus and innovation of our development team. This is not your typical corporate office with red Swingline staplers and burnt coffee in the break room coffee pot. Here, you’ll meet people who are passionate about exploring the malicious corners of the internet, how it works, and how we can do a better job at protecting our clients from it. If you’ve read this far and haven’t already submitted your resume, here are a few more things that may entice you to do so:

  • Unlimited free soda, snacks, and coffee
  • Lunchtime Xbox One duels, as well as organized company-wide Battlefield tournaments
  • Casual dress and atmosphere
  • Catered “Lunch and Learn” events hosted by our engineers who are excited to share their latest side projects and ideas with other developers

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