Connectivity Engineer Level 3 (BSA Deploy)

Location: Ft. Meade, Maryland /// Deployable 4 months (HAZ. CONUS & OCONUS factors)


ACTIVE CLEARANCE LEVEL REQUIRED in order to be considered:   TS/SCI with “Favorable” Polygraph

POSITION / or Labor Category:  Connectivity Engineer, Level 3     (BSA Deploy)
LOCATION:   Ft. Meade, Maryland
TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS:  Yes /// Deployable 4 months (HAZ. CONUS/OCONUS) factors /// per year

Job Description OVERVIEW:
(U) Perform engineering services to enable all aspects of network management from network design through implementation, maintenance, sustainment of existing networks, and identification/correction of complex internetwork issues.
(U) Implements and sustains Wide area networks (WANs), Campus Area Networks (CANs), Data Center Networks/Interfaces (DCN/DCI), Network Security (NETSEC) and Tactical/Deployable Networking Systems.
(U) Analyzes design, specifications, and related documents.
(U) Implements communication system requirements to support the distributed functionality of a networked enterprise environment.
(U) Analyzes network characteristics (e.g. traffic connect time, transmission speeds, packet sizes and throughput), troubleshoots problems and recommends modification of network configurations.

   • CCNA certification or higher required,
   • or 3 additional years network design, implementation, troubleshooting, configuring experience

   • Bachelors Degree + 10 years experience in programs and contracts of similar scope, type, and complexity is required.
   • No Degree + 14  total years experience

NOTE: Bachelor’s degree in engineering or information systems management from an accredited college or university is required.

Unless otherwise specified in the description field five (5) years of demonstrated experience is required for the domain items described below:
   * Computer Network Operations: Wireless (WiMAX/WiFiber/Wireless LAN/Ethernet Bridges)
   * Information Assurance: HAIPE encryption and Tandberg Teleconferencing equipment.
   * Information Technology: Experience configuring and maintaining at least four high end Cisco products such as: CISCO 1004 ASR; Cisco 1006 ASR; Cisco 7600 routers; Cisco 6500 switches; Cisco 3900 routers; Cisco 3800 routers Cisco 3700 switches; Cisco 3800 switches; Cisco 3900 switches; Cisco call manager 4.1 or higher, Cisco Unity.
   * SIGINT: Dataflow systems architecture and processes to include MAILORDER, NIFI, JNTDS, and monitoring tools such as WUG and Network analyzers.
   * Other: Point-to-Point (Microwave, Millimeter wave, Optical, Troposcatter)and WAN Communications such as SATCOM, and VSAT

Labor Category Qualifications and Responsibilities:
(U) Perform site surveys, system installations, configuration management, maintenance, modernization, and sustainment of a global Enterprise Network.

(U) Perform Connectivity engineering services to pre and post deployment tests.

(U) Implement specific network solutions to support server requirements to include load-balancing, VPN’s, firewall contexts, and network address translation (NAT) where appropriate.

(U) Resolve complex network problems, operate network analyzers, WAN test equipment and network simulators.

(U) Minimize network latency and maximize data throughput.

(U) Validate new and existing dataflow and data formats.

(U) Lead large deployment and maintenance efforts of dynamic requirements and schedule.

(U) Work with System engineers, customers, and cross organizational teams to refine requirements.

(U) Coordinate with appropriate dataflow organizations and end-customer recipients, follow-on data repositories and tasking organizations and understand potential adverse impacts on system-wide dataflow.

(U) Perform security testing and design evaluations.

(U) Employ Government standards to configure the interconnects between data centers, networks and security boundaries.

(U) Draft technical requirements, configuration management, and planning documentation.

(U) Perform QC, QA, and CM services.

(U) Design, integrate, configure, deploy, test and maintain numerous types of network devices, interfaces and technologies to include VPN, VRF, VSS, BGP and OSPF routing, and VLAN.

(U) Optimize end-to-end system performance (capacity, margins, data quality, etc.) and dataflow management.

(U) Configure and optimize the network to connect various front-end and back-end components.

(U) Coordinate with the system engineering and dataflow efforts to ensure proper mission operations with minimal down time.

(U) Facilitate the implementation of high-speed, scalable, fault-tolerant network topologies as applicable to WAN and LAN design.

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