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Advertising - Freelancers: CG Chicago
Advertising - Freelancers: CG London
Advertising - Freelancers: CG New York
Advertising - Freelancers: CG Los Angeles
Advertising - Freelancers: Flame Chicago
Advertising - Freelancers: Flame New York
Advertising - Freelancers: Flame Los Angeles
Advertising - Freelancers: Nuke Chicago
Advertising - Freelancers: Nuke New York
Advertising - Freelancers: Nuke Los Angeles
Advertising - Freelancers: VFX Producers Chicago
Advertising - Freelancers: VFX Producers New York
Advertising - Freelancers: VFX Producers Los Angeles
Advertising - Generalist CG Technical Director Chicago
Advertising - Houdini Generalist London
Advertising - Houdini Pipeline Technical Director London
Advertising - Nuke Artist Los Angeles
Advertising - Senior Nuke Artist Chicago
Advertising - Senior Rigging Technical Director New York
Advertising - VFX Editorial Assistant Los Angeles
Building Services - Hospitality Assistant London
Data Services Technician Chicago
Design - Freelance Motion Designer London
Design - Freelancers Chicago
Design - Freelancers New York
Design - Freelancers Los Angeles
Film - Animation Supervisor [EN] Film - Superviseur de l'animation [FR] Montréal
Film - Animator London
Film - Art Director Los Angeles
Film - Compositing Supervisor [EN] Film - Superviseur de la Composition Numérique D'images [FR] Montréal
Film - Creature FX TD [EN] Film - Directeur technique des créatures numériques [FR] Montréal
Film - Crowd TDs [EN] Film - Directeur technique des effets de foule [FR] Montréal
Film - Data Operator [EN] Film - Opérateur de Données [FR] Montréal
Film - Department manager [EN] Film - Directeur(trice) de département [FR] Montréal
Film - Digital Matte Painters London
Film - Editor, VFX Maternity Cover[EN] Film - Monteur des effets visuels Congé de Maternité [FR] Montréal
Film - Environment TDs London
Film - Environment TDs [EN] Film - Directeurs techniques des environnements numériques [FR] Montréal
Film - FX Senior Technical Directors [EN] Film - FX TD artiste senior [FR] Montréal
Film - FX Supervisor London
Film - FX TD [EN] Film - Directeur technique des effets de la simulation [FR] Montréal
Film - FX TDs London
Film - Graphics R&D Software Developer London
Film - Groom TD London
Film - Head of FX [EN] Film - Chef des effets et de la simulation (FX) [FR] Montréal
Film - Head of Production VFX [EN] Film - Chef de la Production VFX [FR] Montréal
Film - Lead Animators London
Film - Lead Creature FX TD [EN] Film - Chef d'équipe - Directeurs techniques des créatures numériques [FR] Montréal
Film - Lead FX TDs London
Film - Lead FX Technical Directors [EN] Film - Chef d'équipe - Directeurs techniques des effets et de la simulation [FR] Montréal
Film - Lead Matchmovers [EN] Film - Chef d'équipe, Artistes de l'ancrage cinématographique [FR] Montréal
Film - Lead Paint and Roto Artists [EN] Film - Lead Compositeur de la Peinture Numérique et de la Rotoscopie [FR] Montréal
Film - Matchmovers [EN] Film - Artistes de l'ancrage cinématographique [FR] Montréal
Film - Paint and Roto Artists [EN] Film - Compositeur de la peinture numérique et de la rotoscopie [FR] Montréal
Film - Pipeline TD London
Film - Producer VFX[EN] Film - Producteur(trice) aux effets visuels [FR] Montréal
Film - Production Assistant [EN] Film - Assistant(e) de Production [FR] Montréal
Film - Render Wrangler [EN] Film - Gestionnaire des Rendus [FR] Montréal
Film - Rigging TDs London
Film - Rigging TDs [EN] Film - Directeurs techniques du squelettage/pose des armatures [FR] Montréal
Film - Senior Environment TD London
Film - Senior FX TDs London
Film - Senior Linux OS Engineer London
Film - Senior Pipeline TD London
Film - Technology Runner London
Film - Texture Artists [EN] Film - Artistes des Textures [FR] Montréal
Film - VFX Editor London
Film - VFX Line Producer / Production Manager London
Film - VFX Producer London
Film - VFX Production Coordinator London
Film - VFX Supervisor [EN] Film - Superviseur des Effets Visuels[FR] Montréal
Finance - Accounting Analyst [EN] Finance - Analyste comptable [FR] Montréal
Imaging - Junior Systems Engineer London
Immersive Entertainment - Art Director New York
Immersive Entertainment - Freelance: Technical/Game Artist Los Angeles
Infrastructure Engineer - North America Los Angeles
Integrated Advertising - Animation Supervisor London
Integrated Advertising - Rigging Technical Director London
Integrated Advertising - Senior Systems Engineer London
LA Advertising - Finance Clerk Los Angeles
Labs - Production Coordinator London
LDN Marketing - Marketing Assistant Launchpad - Entry level roles in all offices
LDN - Runner Development Programme London
NY Advertising - Runners Launchpad - Entry level roles in all offices
Stills - Freelancers London
TV - VFX Supervisor London
VR/AR - Freelance Programmers New York
VR - Programmer New York
VR - Speculative applications [EN] VR - Candidatures spontanées [FR] Montréal
VR - Technical Artist [EN] VR - Artiste technique [FR] Montréal
Web Developer London
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